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Fiber Yarn Testing Equipment

YG002B Chemical Fiber Fineness Analyser

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YG002B chemical fiber fineness analyzer is a man-machine interactive comprehensive fiber analyzer The instrument connects an optical microscope to a computer through a high-resolution industrial camera

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Function-Fiber Qualitative Analysis:

YG002B chemical fiber fineness analyzer is a man-machine interactive comprehensive fiber analyzer. The instrument connects optical microscopy with computer through high-resolution industrial camera, completes the measurement of fiber diameter and cross-sectional area by professional analysis software, and can measure the content of fibers in blended fibers.

Morphological analysis of functional difibers:

L is suitable for all kinds of ordinary and special-shaped chemical fibers. It mainly analyses the cross-sectional morphological characteristics of fibers and provides reliable guarantee for enterprises to monitor the forming quality of chemical fibers.

At present, it is quite difficult to detect the cross-section shape of profiled chemical fibers manually. CU-3 can automatically and directly detect the key parameters such as profile, hollowness and linear density to describe the cross-section shape of chemical fibers. It has dozens of basic geometric parameters that can be directly measured, which makes it easy for users to consider the cross-section characteristics of fibers from more angles, and provides a new tool for testing and scientific research work.

1. Fibers with different cross-sectional shapes in blended fibers can be automatically classified and their percentages can be determined (the degree of automation is directly related to the level of sample preparation, requiring that the image of cross-sectional samples be clear and continuous, the fibers have no lodging, the cross-section is clean without scratches and dirty spots);

L Visual image detection method, while providing efficient automatic measurement procedures and flexible manual measurement tools, so that users can easily complete high-precision and large data volume detection tasks, making the formerly difficult cross-section morphology measurement of fibers become a routine inspection project;

1. Customized forms of reports can be provided according to the requirements of different users.

Provide fast programming tools to develop different processing and measurement methods for different chemical fiber varieties.

1-1000 & mu; m;

Super Depth of Field Composition Module (UV-C) is available.

Function-Fiber Qualitative Analysis:

FZ/T 01057.3-2007 "Textile Fiber Identification Experiment Method Part III Microscopic Method";

AATCC 20-2008 Fiber Qualitative Analysis;

Morphological analysis of functional difibers:

FZ/T 50002-1991 Standard for Testing Method of Chemical Fiber Profile Degree;

AATCC-20A-2000 "Standard for Quantitative Fiber Analysis";

Provide certificates of measurement:

The test certificate provided by the Chinese Academy of Metrology Sciences;

Testing Certificate of China National Textile Measurement Station;

MacAudi Microscope 1

Panasonic Camera 1

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