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GB/T 8629-2017 Standard has been implemented - Is your washing machine still app

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GB/T 8629-2017 Family Washing and Drying Procedure for Textile Testing was implemented on December 1, 2017. Among them, the parameters and program contents of washing equipment have changed significantly.
[Washing equipment]
Detergent testing equipment is mainly divided into three parts:
Type A standard washing machine horizontal roller, front door feeding type.
Type B standard washing machine -- vertical mixing and top feeding.
Type C standard washing machine -- vertical wave wheel and top feeding type.
The main difference between A/B/C washing machine

[Washing Procedure and Numbering Principle]
Here we mainly introduce the washing procedure of A washing machine, and the washing procedure of type B and C washing machine is not detailed. If you need to know the specific standard content, please contact Luozhong Science and Technology to get the original GB/T 8629-2017 standard free of charge.
A washing machine washing procedures and the difference between the old and new standard procedures:

Procedure Numbering Principle
Number: Represents the washing temperature, such as 4 in 4N for 40 C (40 3 C in the standard).
Letter: indicating the degree of agitation of the washing method.
N (Normal) - Normal agitation (rotating for 12 seconds, resting for 3 seconds)
M (Mild) - Mixing gently (rotating for 8 seconds, resting for 7 seconds)
G (Gentle) - gentle stirring (rotating for 3s, resting for 12s)
H (Handwash) - Simulated hand wash, gentle stirring (rotation 3s, pause 12s)
Through the combination of numbers and letters, we can use them to understand the temperature and the way of washing at a glance. It's easier to understand and remember. This is a standard progress!
Then, what is the current A washing machine?
At present, many manufacturers of A standard washing machines in China are producing A washing machines. Most of them are produced by GB/T 8629-2001 standard. Compared with the new standards, the following problems are not easy to solve.
The washing process can not be upgraded directly. Most domestic A washing machines have their own washing procedures directly on the main board of the equipment, that is to say, only 10 washing procedures with old standards. Unlike foreign devices, programs are written on a microcomputer and can be replaced or refreshed at any time.
The motor does not use the variable frequency motor, so it can not achieve infinite speed change in the speed of the motor. That is to say, the speed of dehydration is only 500 r/min as stipulated in the old standard.
Our new generation YG089EL/S automatic shrinkage testing machine fully meets the implementation of the new GB/T 8629-2017 standard, and can also run the old standard.

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