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How to develop independent innovation

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Independent innovation is an important way for enterprises to change their development mode and enhance their competitiveness. It is a key measure to resist market risks and improve economic efficiency. Enterprises should effectively carry out independent innovation and should make efforts in the following aspects.

Taking the talents of excellent technology research and development as an important support. Excellent science and technology research and development talents are the first resources of enterprises and an important support for enterprises to carry out independent innovation. There are two main ways for enterprises to acquire talents: one is to tap the potential and cultivate. The scientific and technical personnel from the front line of the enterprise have rich practical experience, and their R&D activities are highly targeted and low in cost. Enterprises pay attention to strengthening training and education, and establishing a sound incentive mechanism, which is conducive to outstanding talents to stand out. The second is to introduce external talents. The external talent level is high and professional, and it can create high performance for the company quickly. In recent years, Yabao Pharmaceutical Group has introduced 12 doctors and postdocs from home and abroad, and more than 100 professional R&D personnel. These talents have become the backbone of enterprises to promote independent innovation.

Combine independent research and development with joint development as the main approach. Independent research and development of enterprises can directly acquire and control core technologies, but it is often time-consuming and labor-intensive. As a professional R&D institution, universities and research institutes have professional scientific and technological talents and research and development conditions. Enterprises should actively cooperate with them, and the enterprises will issue talents and funds, and the R&D institutions will produce talents and technology to jointly develop new products. This cooperation can greatly reduce research and development costs and improve research and development efficiency. In recent years, Yabao Pharmaceutical Group has cooperated with the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to produce a number of leading international or domestic research results.

Take the development of strategic planning for high-end products as a strategic basis. To enhance competitive advantage and achieve sustainable development, enterprises must formulate scientific research and development strategic plans. High-end products can improve people's lives, contribute to social development and progress, and bring good economic benefits to enterprises. Targeting high-end products to develop R&D strategic plans must be forward-looking and focus on the breadth, effectiveness, long-term and social value of technological innovation. If you are eager for quick success, neglecting the direction of research and development and project selection, the products developed may be low-level and not far behind. Such research and development activities not only waste manpower, material resources, financial resources, but also delay the development opportunities.

Establish and improve the innovation mechanism as an important measure. Independent innovation requires effective incentives and a sound system to guarantee. Through lean and differentiated management, enterprises should encourage R&D personnel to develop their talents, create more scientific and technological achievements, and timely turn scientific and technological achievements into excellent products for market launch. For example, establish high-level scientific and technological personnel compensation, welfare benefits and equity distribution system to attract talents and realize the value of talents. At the same time, efforts should be made to create an independent innovation platform by increasing R&D investment, setting up R&D institutions, configuring equipment, and providing environment and conditions, making it an incubator for high-tech products.

Protect intellectual property rights as an important guarantee. Protecting intellectual property rights is an incentive for technological innovation of enterprises and a necessary measure to prevent violations of independent innovation achievements. The protection of intellectual property rights requires enterprises to strengthen internal management on the one hand, to ensure that their trade secrets are not leaked; on the other hand, after obtaining core technology and new products, it is necessary to declare invention patents in time to obtain legal protection.

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